Sunday, December 12, 2010


Generic Observations From a Guy Too Busy to Write Anything of Substance Before the "Holidays" (i.e. Christmas)

While “early to bed” may offer health, wealth, and wisdom, “early to rise” is to be avoided at all costs.

The imagined past and imaginary future are in pervasive tension with a willingness to accept the real present.

God created the universe;... and since then it's all been pretty much just an act.

A fine symphony is as if beauty itself had been cut from the air by a mind lathe.

Death is when all of life becomes nothing but memory.

It is a fact of human psychology that we can be "having a bad time" when in fact, nothing bad is happening. And, conversely, we can be having a good time when nothing particularly good is happening.

I don't think that god comes in a book.

There's something sad about the future when it becomes a memory.

Those who fail to see the magic aren't blind...they're stupid.

My shoes even hurt when I'm not wearing them...

Some sheep have no problem with the smell of lamb chops.‏

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